About Our Staff

We have gathered the most highly recommended personnel to provide the best experience for you at Forever Young Med Spa.

Jackie Smith

As the owner of Forever Young Med-Spa, Jackie Smith invites you to a one of a kind experience. Offering competitive pricing, in a relaxing environment. She prides herself in offering affordable services and a knowledgeable staff. Jackie has been working in our community for over 20 years, and in the beauty industry for over 10 years. She has made many contributions to charities such as whaley's children and many more local charities. Jackie welcomes you to Forever Young where you can be your own kind of beautiful.

Nichole Gardner

Nichole is our licensed massage therapist, including Swedish, Deep Tissue and prenatal massages. Upon entering her room, you will step into an oasis of releasing rain drop music that will be sure to put you into a meditative rest, along with the dim lighting and scents of lavender in the air. One hour with her will make for a stress free start to any day.

Jackie Smith

Jackie is certified through the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics and has completed a comprehensive educational training program of the proper use and administration of botulinum toxin and dermal filler facial injections. She has also had extensive medical laser training. Jackie has over 10 years of industry experience, as well as being recognized as a skilled injector with a trained eye. She can quickly assess and develop an individualized treatment plan suitable for each patient.

Lauren Hughes

Lauren Hughes

Lauren is a licensed beauty professional who is skilled in the award winning, physician developed, medical grade lash extensions and products by novalash. Her career has flourished with the high demand for beautiful, fuller and more lush lashes. Lauren's skillfullness and precision with applying novalash extions have mad her a well sought after additon to our own team. Lauren can create a very natural extension that enhances the eye while giving it a more youthful appearance, to a high definition more volumes look. Her artistry will ensure that they are customized and gorgeous every time.

Nadine Thompson

Nadine specializes in many different types of spa facials. Including the ever so popular Hydrafacial and Hydraderm. After a single treatment your skin will look as good as you feel. Nadine's goal is to keep your skincare simple, while rejuvenating and protecting the health of your skin. Nadine will educate you on products and give you the tools you need to help protect your skin and achieve long term skin health.

Anne Tenbucsh

Anne has a Bachelors of Art degree making her workk very natural and atristicly designed. She is also educated in Cosmetology and color theory which enables her to color match for each person's specific hair color and skin tone. She is trained and certified in Permanent makkeup by Cosmetic Enhancements of Chicago, Illinois. Her services and expertise are in eyebrows, eyeliner, eye enhancements, lips and tattoo removal. She is also certified in dry needling and micro needling, this treatment targets fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and dark spots. You can expect a throrough consultation with expert advice. She is dedicated to helping people enhance their appearance and treating clients to a professional and comfortable experience.